Businessman and Philanthropist

September 25, 2014
Robert Sylk, Candidate for City Council

To: Gentlemen of The Desert Sun Newspaper
Re: TDS Candidate Endorsement for La Quinta City Council

You have overlooked the proven accomplishments of Robert Sylk. Can you name one other citizen that has demonstrated the leadership and commitment to a community in the entire Coachella Valley when it was needed?

Just one of Robert’s pivotal accomplishments within La Quinta was his “boots on the ground” work on behalf of La Quinta residents that began late 2011. Robert was able to help identify, and drive the removal of, a 40 acre source of nuisance composting odors and black dust that invaded and sickened 2500 residents on the SE side of La Quinta.

No other La Quinta candidate sought to listen to, or assist, afflicted La Quinta residents initially. But Mr. Sylk came to our homes and witnessed the problem first. He went directly to La Quinta City Council 3 times in open session on our behalf (and many times thereafter); he led us through the matrix of government agencies, and ultimately helped us plan how to convince City Council and Riverside County that the affliction upon residents was real and a solution had to be found. It was an 18 month process, but the positive outcome would never have been possible without Mr. Sylk.

Now, fast forward to 2014:

Mr. Sylk’s efforts on behalf of La Quinta residents have contributed to a re-evaluation of, at the State agency level, regulations governing commercial composting. Title 14 pending changes related to composting protocol and regulations– including treatment of odor and dust – can be found on CalRecycle’s website, and public workshops continue in Sacramento (see email below).

This positive outcome, at local city, county and State levels demonstrates Robert’s leadership. La Quinta residents need Robert Sylk back in City Council, and endorsement by TDS.Thank you,

Kathy Housel
La Quinta & Trilogy Resident