Businessman and Philanthropist

September 24, 2008
La Quinta City Council Election, Robert Sylk deserves support
The Desert Sun

This is regarding Robert Sylk running for councilman in La Quinta. I moved here from Marina del Rey and have worked closely with Robert in the past.

He started the City of Hope chapter in Marina del Rey and was involved with many fundraiser's for City of Hope. He has served on numerous councils and boards in the community in an exemplary fashion.

I worked with him when he put on the Music Festival and Food & Wine Festival in Marina del Rey. He made a difference in our community and I know he can do the same for La Quinta if given the opportunity to serve as councilman.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts about Robert Sylk. Hopefully he will be elected as La Quinta's new councilman.

Betty Ekmanian Smith
Palm Desert