Businessman and Philanthropist

October 15 2010
Robert Sylk for Mayor
Letter to Editor, The Desert Sun

We need to elect Robert Sylk as Mayor of La Quinta.

First, Robert has proven to be a man who understands the business needs of La Quinta. He served on the Chamber of Commerce Board and was instrumental in increasing the membership to 750 members. We need that business focus again.

Second, Sylk has publically supported programs that focus on the needs of all La Quinta residents; young and old, rich and poor.

And, third, he talks about the future of La Quinta, rather than the past. Thatís what we need right now; leadership that looks forward to re-shaping La Quinta for the next ten years, not those stuck in the achievements of the past. We are operating under different paradigms than we did even a few years ago. The current administration shows no recognition that the economy has fundamentally changed and that the needs of the city and of its residents have changed. For example, they continue to spend on marginal projects that smack more of vanity than value.

We need new leadership that will guide the city with prudence, vision and character: Thatís why my vote is for Robert Sylk.

Philip Werber
La Quinta