Businessman and Philanthropist

Robert Sylk La Quinta City Mayoral Candidacy  


• Cornell University Advisor
Dear Mr. Robert Sylk,

Recent events in the news have highlighted the importance of ethical practice in business. While leaders may readily articulate their personal ethical beliefs, we are discovering that they may also play an important role in fostering ethical practices within their organizations.

With regard to facilitating ethical practices in the workplace, we hope that you might be willing to help us, and invite you to speak or write to our educators and industry executives who are interested in fostering ethical work environments.

Your responses will be noted to all members and your input will be most helpful to us. Thank you in advance for your assistance as we strive to create and sustain ethical hospitality work environments.

Best wishes,

Judi Brownell, Professor Dean of Students & Interim Director of Graduate Studies Cornell University School of Hotel Administration

• Yale Advisor
Mr. Sylk has been been asked to be an Advisor to The International Center for Finance at The Yale School of Management in New Haven, CT for 2011. His responses will be used for analysis appearing in economic journals and for securities analysis.

• Owner, Travel Agents International with 33 offices in California.

• Receiver, corporate bankruptcies

• Co-Owner, Shelter Systems Corporation
In 1986, because the accomplishments of brother Leonard the company became the largest manufacturer of pre-fabricated housing components in the country, with eight plants from coast to coast. Robert and brother Leonard sent prefab homes to Israel for new immigrants during the Gulf War, and to needy families in disaster-torn Armenia.

• Board of Directors, NASDAQ Corporation (5 years).
Save the World Air, Inc